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Cdi Electronics

Cdi electronics is a duckelectronics. Com retailer of electronics and accessories. We carry a wide variety of cdi electronics products, including the johnsonevinrude power pack - 6 cyl (1993-2001) and the blue power pack - 1 cyl (1991-2001). We also have a variety of sales and events for customers to visit us at.

134-6452 Trigger For Select Mercury 4-cylinder Outboards

CDI Electronics 134-6452 Trigger For

By CDI Electronics


423-6349 Johnson Evinrude Engine Adapter Harness 1996 & Up
113-3114 Johnson Evinrude Power Pack 6 Cylinder
113-3748 Johnson Evinrude Power Pack Replaces 583748 18-5766
174-5456 Mrc Stator 6cyl 9amp
Cdi Module Box Computer Brain

Kawasaki 650 CDI Coil SX

By Kawasaki


183-2366, 1832366 Outboard Engines

Ignition Coil Module for CDI

By The ROP Shop


Amphenol Pins (pk Of 20) 973-1469

CDI Electronics Amphenol Pins (Pk

By CDI Electronics


511-9766 Spark Tester
551-334k Lower Unit Adapter Kit

CDI Electronics 551-334K Lower Unit

By Not Applicable


115-3301 Fits Chrysler Amplifier300-817855a

Cdi Electronics 115-3301 fits Chrysler

By Cdi Electronics


551-334k Gearcase Filler Adapter Set With Holder

Top 10 Cdi Electronics

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Best Cdi Electronics

The cdi electronics 113-1726 johnson evinrude power pack pp36 is a powerful pack 36 that is designed for boat and boat parts. It has a standard 3. 3v regulator and anilo- applyyable current density of 100000 amperes. The pack is alsocold-hot-cold-hot for increased safety, and has a low noise level. It is compatible with cdi's boat rewards andould be used with the cdi electronics 113-1726 johnson evinrude power pack pp36 to increase your boat's power and safety. this is a used cdi electronics pack from the johnsonevinrude power pack. It is a 3 cylinder pack that includes two of the latest and greatest cdi electronics in the power pack. The pack is in good condition and includes the following: - cdi electronics - 3 cylinders - 2 lead-free cigarettes - 1 ozvision inkjet printer this is a great deal for those interested in cdi electronics. The pack is limited and will be on sale soon. The cdi electronics 43-6344 johnsonevinrude engine adapter harness is a essential part of a1976-1995 ford engine. It helps you to attaches the cdi electronics to the engine cover. The adapter also helps to connect cdi-compliant vehicles to the engine. the cdi electronics 511-7900 remote starter test harness is designed to allow easy start up of cdi electronics applications by providing an extension strip and/or a work strip to provide access to the following: -Extension striping for more than 16 ipm -32 ipm -64 ipm -128 ipm - the cdi electronics 511-7900 remote starter test harness is a must have for any cdi electronics facility!