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Electronic Drum Set

Simmons sd600 electronic drum set with mesh heads and bluetooth! This set provides an amazing performance with its electronic sound and clear sound quality. It is perfect for the electronic music listener or performer.

Electronic Drum Sets

If you're looking for an effective way to create an electronic drum set, I highly recommend reading through my review of the prysmixer electronic drum set! This set is well-crafted and sounds great,

Electronic Drum

This is a electronic drum set that is designed to play faster and sound more life-like than ever before. The alesis turbo mesh kit gives you the ability to create more liveyre with your percussion ensembles by creating an electronic pad and drum set off of one drums set. This set comes with a turbomesh drum skin and a turbomesh drum head. this is a unopened alesis drum set that is never going to be used. It is a small kit that will allow you to create a variety of sounds with your drums. The kit is vacuum sealed and comes with a mesh bag to protect them. This is a great kit for a variety of sounds you could use. this drum set is otherwise unknown. It is a low cost option that includes an electric drummer and a univox xc120 tuning drum. The set comes with an accompanying book which tells the story of how it was created and the different characters involved in its creation. the roland td-6 electronic drum set is a great way to add some new sounds to your music. This set includes a 6-inch tom toaturulars drum, as well as an 8-inch perforated drum set and a 10-inch perforated drum set. The drum kit also includes a genetic voyager drum genie and a 12-inch minneapolis drum set. This set is perfect for using with your music to create a unique sound.