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Electronic Project Lab

This program will help you to get from one electronic project lab to another without too much effort. It provides an easy way for you to get started with project lab connectivity and performance.

130 In One Electronic Project Lab

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130 In 1 Electronics Lab

This is a 300-in-1 kit for using radio shack electronics projects. You can use it to build a radio, code name: "slime", a ice cream truck, a mattel toy and much more! The kit includes everything you need to build any of these projects, including step-by-step photos and clear plastic guide cards which show you how to build each project. this lab is designed to help students learn electronic project management and electric toys. The lab features 1maxitronix vintage electric learning toy 1999. This toy has a variety of features including a wishbone-like cable that allows students to connect devices and learn about electronic principles. Additionally, the toy has a few led lights that allow students to see how the toy responds to given conditions. this course will teach you how to get started in electronics using the 300 in one electronic project lab getting started guide. We will be working on simple circuits, classic electronic components, and advanced electronic projects. This course is for anyone who wants to start making their own electronic projects. this is a project lab that will allow students to complete an electronic project in about 300 minutes. The lab will untested and counted.