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Electronic Solder

This is a low melt and red's tin lead solder. 032 dia low melt rosin core for electronics. It is a great choice for lead headers and other electronics applications.

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This lead free solder wire is a perfect 1. 0mm core for electronic devices. It has a high level of security and is easy to work with. It is 1. 0mm in thickness and has a snsenge free with rosin core technology. This wire is from the rosin core line of products. this electric solderlingstown is for the welding gun tool kit solder flux desoldering pump. This kit contains an electricsoldering iron, welding tool, and pump. this electronic solder is for electronic circuit-boards. It is a. 02 lb. Of solder. It is a goodsoldner for electronic circuit-boards. This solder is a good conductor, making it a easy candidate for used in electrical circuits. It is also non-toxic, making it perfect for use in electronic devices.