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Electronic Spark Control Module

This is an electronic spark control module for the 1988 corvette. It helps to control the spark ignition engine by eliminating the need for a spark plugs.

Gm Electronic Spark Control Module

The gm electronic spark control module (ck) is a sophisticated spark control module that provides a wide range of functions necessary for operating a variety of equipment. This module is necessary to control a variety of equipment, from engine starters to spark.

Electronic Spark Control Module Ebay

This is a nos electronic spark control module. It is 16073073. the wve by ntk 5f1008 electronic spark control module provides an aftermarket spark control system that allows for improved fuel economy. The spark control module improves on the traditional spark at the fuel tank, allowing the car to run more smoothly and maintain a high speed bottled water environment. the electronic spark control module (e-c module) for the 1989 chevy corvette is equipped with an esc 16052401 and it provides the driver with the ability to engage in spark-ignition fires. The e-c module allows the spark-ignition behavior to be tweaked and the fire can be maintained even when the engine is running at high speed. the electronic spark control module is a low-emitting engine management system that helps to control the powertrain. It is located between the drive system and the engine. It helps to manage the power and temperature in the engine. It is usually used with the old buick pontiac or cadillac, but can be used on other models as well.