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Tiger Electronics Pokedex

The tiger electronics handheld toy is a vintage pokemon pokedex red 1998 toy that is tested working. It is a great addition to any collection.

Electronic Pokedex

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Pokemon Electronic Pokedex

This is a great addition to any pokemon collection. This pokedexed tigershark from 1999 is a hand-held version that makes it easy to find and learn about new pokemon. The tiger electronics style is perfect for your gaming purposes. the tiger electronics pokedex handheld was created by tiger electronics in 1999. It is a rare factory sealed new model and is known for its unique design. The pokedex has 20 listings, including two very rare examples. These are perfect examples of the classic pokemon creature. The tiger electronics pokedex is a perfect reminder of the classic days of pokemon and other electronic creatures. the tiger electronics pokedex is a virtual pet that lets you keep your favorite pokemon in perfect condition. This electronic pet has all the features and amenities of a physical pet, but with all the action and excitement of a digital experience. With its digital tv resolution and sound quality, the tiger electronics pokedex is the perfect way to keep your pokemon oxygen-starved and microwave-starved. the tiger electronics handheld toy is a great way to add a little excitement to your pokemon game or just play with your friends. The toy is fueled by a battery and can be used to drive your pokemon to the point where they can be captured. The toy also has a national museum of wales design on it.